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What to Expect?


Book an Appointment

After booking a new patient appointment, you will receive a comprehensive intake form via email. Please take some time to thoughtfully and thoroughly fill out the paperwork before your visit. It may seem lengthy, but a thorough paperwork gives us a better understanding of your health and enables us to assist you better.
Not sure if we can help? Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation with our doctors to discuss options for addressing your issue.

Initial Visit

The initial appointment will be a 1 hour long appointment. Our doctors first get to know you and your medical history, follow up with more in-depth questions to further understand your health. They then do a comprehensive assessment that includes posture evaluation, manual muscle testing, and neurological tests to assess your muscle response. Once the assessment is complete, we will start your treatment. Your doctor will address your problem and perform treatment according to your body's muscle and neurological response.

Treatment Plan and Follow-Up Treatments

At Northwest Structural medicine, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter care protocols. Your personalized care plan is formed based on our extensive muscle and neurological work in combination with your individual health goals. We also have a very resourceful referral network which we will incorporate into your treatment plan depending on your need and condition. All follow-up visits will be 30-minutes session. Hour-long follow-up appointment is also available if you need more time with our doctors.

Policies & Pricing

Cost and Insurance

We believe in providing the best care possible, and doing what is right for our patients outside of what insurance companies dictate. Oftentimes, insurance companies like to control the type of care you receive, by approving what forms of treatment they want to pay for.  We want you to decide what will be best for you as we present the most effective options to benefit you on your health journey to better yourself.  For this reason, we are not contracted with any insurance carriers. This means you get more time with the doctor, a thorough and comprehensive care, and an exceptional experience.  We want YOU to be in control of your own health.

We are an “out-of-network” clinic, so we can happily provide a “Superbill”, which is a coded statement includes all necessary information (diagnosis codes, treatment codes, fees, etc) that your insurance company may need in order to reimburse you.

Fee Schedule

(Discounted new patient rate given to patients ages 0-10, & 65+ that are on Medicare)

New Patient Exam and Treatment ,60 min: $280

Existing Patient Treatment, 30 min: $135

Long Appointment for Existing Patient Treatment, 60 min: $265

Treatment Frequency

At Northwest Structural Medicine, we aim to provide our clients and patients all the necessary tools, home exercise, and knowledge so you can come to us as LESS as you need to.

The initial phase of the care plan usually consist of 2-3 times once a week appointment to stabilized the body. After the body structure is stabilized, we start to space out the treatment to see how long your body is able to hold an adjustment.  If the treatment is not sustainable, we will change our treatment direction and start to figure out the de-stabilizing factor.   Throughout a extensive trial of therapies, both you and the doctor will get to know your body more and the support it needs.

In here, we do believe frequent structural visits means healthy body. We believe even for maintenance wellness care, a health body should be able to hold the adjustments and stay pain free for weeks, even months.  Many of our wellness clients only visit us once every 4-6 weeks.

PIP aka Car Accident Claims

We do not bill PIP/car accident claims. Payment is expected at the time of service and we can provide patients with a super bill that can be used for reimbursement. In WA PIP claims typically pay 100% of what’s billed, so there’s a good chance you would be reimbursed 100% (as long as you have money in your PIP account)


We do not bill Medicare or any supplemental insurance (or any other insurance, regardless of age). We DO provide a discounted rate to anyone on Medicare, but please note that we CANNOT provide a super bill to anyone on Medicare.

Cranial-Dental Co-Management

Our doctors work with some of the best dentists in the Seattle area. They all work slightly differently in terms of what they are trying to accomplish and how the process of co-management exists between the individual dentist and our doctors.

If you’re being referred by a dentist, we will provide your referring dentist an exam report, as well as periodic updates on your condition and response to care.