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  • Ethan Lee

Hypermobility Disorders : 3 Treatment Options to Consider

For those suffering from hyper mobility disorders (Marfan's, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, General Hypermobility Syndrome, etc.) treatment options for musculoskeletal pain are often scarce. Most musculoskeletal treatments are aimed at increasing mobility in both joints and muscles, but by definition those suffering from hyper mobility issues have joints that are TOO mobile already, and muscles that are tight because the body is attempting to create stability within a joint. Here are some great options to consider if you or a loved one is suffering from pain as a result of a hypermobility disorder (and here are three treatment options to avoid).

1. SOT chiropractic- focused on the stability of the SI joint and jaw, two of the most proprioceptive rich joints in the body. Can be done without traditional chiropractic adjustments, focuses on the reason why muscles are tight to begin with, joint instability.

2. Prolotherapy Injections- A fantastic adjunct to SOT chiropractic, prolotherapy injections administered into the SI joint are very helpful in stabilizing the lumbopelvic region, which as we mentioned before is a very important area in terms of weight bearing stability in the body.

3. Foundation training or Pilates- Once some stability has been gained by SOT chiropractic and perhaps prolo therapy injections, now the focus turns to creating muscle mass to help stabilize the joints even further. Depending on the type and subtype of the hyper mobility issue, often this will be necessary to help maintain the results obtained by SOT chiropractic and prolo therapy. Focus is on stability of joints, rather than joint mobility (which is why stretching and most type of yoga are not ideal for those with hyper mobility issues. You should seek out someone trained in helping those with hyper mobility issues as they will have a better grasp of the pace and intensity that will give you gains without setting you back.

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