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Hypermobility Disorders, 3 Treatment Options to Avoid

hypermobility and 3 treatments to avoid
hypermobility and 3 treatments to avoid

Hypermobility- 3 treatment options to avoid

For those with hypermobility, joint laxity,  or conditions stemming from hypermobility disorders (EDS, Marfan's) it can be difficult to find treatment options that offer anything more than short-term relief. This blog is about 3 therapies/treatment options to avoid, as they could be making your condition worse.

  1. Chiropractic care

  2. Massage therapy

  3. Stretching

In all of the these cases the reason you’d want to avoid them is similar in that they’ll all create more instability within a joint that is already hypermobile. When a joint is hypermobile the muscles around that joint will tighten in order to provide stability, which is normally the job of a ligament. The brain is telling the muscle to stay tight in order to protect the joint, and when one does any of the listed therapies above one is not only putting the joint at risk of injury due to increased instability, more than likely the muscle will quickly tighten back up again as bad or worse than before.

There are better treatment options out there, please stay tuned for our next video where we outline some of the treatment options available to those with hypermobility issues.

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