• Ethan Lee

Best Supplements for Kids

The truth is that the most important factors in keeping your kids healthy remains a balanced and healthy diet, frequent hand washing (with soap and water), and plenty of free play time. Once those needs are met, these are the supplements I've found to be most impactful for kiddos ages 5 and up, and the best supplements for kids to be on:

1. A good multi vitamin- There are a number of good ones out there but these will fill in major nutritional gaps. I typically recommend half a recommended dose if they eat a balanced diet, and the full recommended dose if they are not as balanced with their diet.

Some brands I like: Smarty Pants, Pure Encapsulations, MyKind Organics

2. EPA/DHA & Vit. D- EPA and DHA are found in fish oil, but it's important to find a fish oil that has a large percentage of EPA and DHA (some have almost none, which makes the fish oil all but useless). It's also important to find one that has been screened for mercury. Vitamin D is a typically deficient nutrient in most children and even with the multi vitamin more is typically needed. I like Cod Liver Oil, which contains EPA, DHA, and Vit. D in ratios one would typically find in nature. You could also give the EPA/DHA and Vit. D separately, in which case you'd want around 1,000 IU of Vit. D3 (assuming you're also giving a multivitamin, if not you can give up to 2,000 IU, any more and you'd probably want to have a lab test to make sure it's not too much), and around 300-500 mg each of EPA and DHA.

Some examples: Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals, and Thorne make a great cod liver oil that has a taste your kids will like.

3. Colloidal Silver- Silver has been used for a long time and has very strong anti-microbial properties (meaning it fights bad bugs in their body) that will help keep your child from getting sick. A maintenance dose once a day under the tongue will be helpful in keeping your kids out of the doctor's office!

Argentyn 23 is the only brand I recommend at this time.

4. Turmeric and Resveratrol- We all have genes in our body that predispose us to certain health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, etc. These are passed down genetically and there isn't much we can do about it. However, these genes remain inactive, or "turned off", unless triggered or "turned on" by lifestyle factors. Some of these include stress, anxiety, and poor diet. A maintenance dose of turmeric and resveratrol has been shown to help keep these "bad genes turned off".

Apex Energetics has a great tasting liquid version of both Turmeric and Resveratrol.

Depending on the needs of a child, one child's "best supplements for kids" will differ somewhat from another, but in general this is a great foundation for children.

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