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Structural Conditions

At Northwest Structural Medicine, both our doctors have extensive training at advanced chiropractic techniques and are the only two certified SOT practitioner in the entire Washington state.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is a low-force, gentle chiropractic technique which utilize body indicators and manual muscle testing to assess musculo-skeletal, cranial, neurological and visceral dysfunctions in a comprehensive way.  


On top of relieving your pain, we also aim to address the root cause of your problem so we can achieve optimal balance for your body, both structurally and neurologically.

SOT is ideal for those who are worry of having their spine "cracked", or want a different approach to traditional chiropractic care.  

Our youngest patient is 1 month old and eldest is 103. SOT is an efficient and gentle technique that suits patient's at all ages.

Conditions We Helped

We have helped patients with a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

Some of the common conditions and patient populations we see in our office include:

TMJ dysfunction and Cranial Tension

TMJ dysfunction and Jaw Pain  (link to our TMJ, jaw, and TMD specific site)

Cranial-Dental Co-Management

Clenching/grinding issue

Jaw soreness and pain

Locked Jaw

Tension Type Headaches 

Neck Pain

Migraine Headaches

Infants and Babies (torticollis, latching/feeding issues, cranial-facial development, tongue and lip tie assessment)

Neuro-muscular System

Acute/Chronic Spinal pain (Upper/lower back)

Muscle pain

Ligament sprain / instability

Joint Pain

Disc Injury

Pinched Nerve

Whiplash Injury (common from car accident)

Extremity complaints

Acute / Recurrent Injury (Sprain and Strain)

Sports Injury

Frozen Shoulder 


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome



Scoliosis (Functional and Structural Care)

Pregnancy Care 

Hypermobility Disorders

(EDS, Marfan's, general hypermobility)

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Workout/exercise ergonomic Assessment

Muscle activation/deactivation 

Muscle compensation pattern

Prolonged muscle recovery rate

Posture Training

We also offer wellness care for professional athletes participating in variety of sports.

Not professionals? No worry, you can learn to control and take care of your body like one. 

Still not sure if we can help with your condition?  Talk to our doctors to find out!

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