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Doctor of Chiropractic
Jason Scoppa DC, CSCP, CCSP®, PAK

Dr. Jason Scoppa is the only certified craniopath (CSCP) in Washington state, and one of only two doctors in WA state certified in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) (the other being Dr. Lee). SOT is an indicator based diagnostic and treatment system where nothing is done without reason and indicators are rechecked following treatment to ensure the proper result was obtained.

He holds post-graduate certifications in Sports Medicine (CCSP), and has taken a great amount of course work in the areas of TMJ and TMD (the jaw, bite, and associated issues), airway, cranial growth and development, concussion recovery, blood chemistry analysis, the management of those with hyper mobility disorders, and pediatric chiropractic. He currently teaches SOT chiropractic and SOT craniopathy through SOTO-USA, as well as cranial-dental co-management courses for both chiropractors and dentists/orthodontists.. 

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